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NetBest Internet Services Builds Websites That Work!

We use the best possible submission software and techniques to ensure web site search engine visibility!

Why your business needs Search engine positioning and optimization:

The world of website optimization and promotion has changed, and your business needs more than just a submission program. It needs a complete promotion, positioning and optimization program that has changed with the times. NetBest employs tools and techniques necessary to help you get better visibility and more search engine traffic on your website.

It used to be that to get your site noticed, you could simply get a submission program or service and before you knew it, you would see the traffic flowing in. Later, programs that promised to trick engines into giving you high ranking were touted as "effective". Those are the old days. Today, submitting alone usually won't get you far, and any attempt to inappropriately boost your position will often result in disaster for your site.

To get traffic, you need top optimize and promote your website with a comprehensive plan, which includes building a quality website with relative content, submitting to engines, and building your site's popularity. Those three things, an effective overall business plan and some patience will deliver the best results you can aim for.

NetBest helps you reach for that goal with automated, yet conventional tools. Here is how:

Analyze your web pages before you optimize them
NetBest will analyze your web pages, and determine content that can affect your website's position. You may inadvertently have content that would cause your site to be penalized by a search engine spider, or you may not have much content in certain parts of your web pages. In any case, we will help you determine how to optimize your page without adding content that can be perceived unfair by search engines. This content is not of the type that tricks search engines. Instead, it helps them better understand the purpose of your site.

Optimize your website for top positions
Many elements of a web page that can help your site are difficult to edit in a typical HTML editor. NetBest can facilitate these changes directly to your pages. This includes many tags on your page, such as Titles, Headings, META Tags, ALT tags and more.

Submit your website to thousands of Search Engines, Directories, and Link Sites... including the top U.S. and International search engines, such as Google, Lycos, Open Directory and more. While many search engines are favoring other methods of indexing, search engine submission does have its place, especially with many of the smaller engines.

Increase your link popularity on search engines
Perhaps the best way to boost traffic to your website is by trading links with other websites. This generates new traffic from trading partners, and can help you on search engines, as well. Many search engines prefer to naturally discover new websites, and the more sites that link to you, the better your chances are at getting spidered by a search engine. Instead, it is a real opportunity for webmasters to get together and trade links which are complimentary to their websites. These links are for the purpose of generating real human traffic, not spam.

Automatically Schedule automated submissions as often as you like without worrying about over-submission. The professional tools we use store and follow the published posting rules of the engines, so if a submission would be breaking a rule, it automatically passes to the next action.

Choose a single submission, a quarterly or annual commitment. Contact us for special pricing options.

Focus on the top Search Engines -,,,,, DMOZ Open Directory at, and

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