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Date Revised July 21, 2008
by Bill Sever, NetBest Internet Services, 208 667-3566

General Terms and Assumptions:

NetBest Internet Services    NetBest will establish an Internet site based on information provided by the Site Owner.
NetBest Internet Services The site owner must function within the Policies outlined on the policies page.
NetBest Internet Services Integrity and authenticity of site content is the responsibility of the site owner. Ownership of any claims or warrantee made about products and/or services are exclusively under control of the site owner.
NetBest Internet Services Authorization to use logos and trademarks associated with a site or products are the responsibility of the site owner.
NetBest Internet Services Standard server space will be provided at the rate indicated on our Features - Prices page.   Based on an agreement for design, the $25.00 setup fee may be waived.  
      NOTE: See Account Policies for cancellation requirements.
NetBest Internet Services In order to realize success, once a site is "on line", a marketing plan must be pursued. This includes posting in "Search Engines", "Link Sites", and a "USENET" announcement (sensitive issue). It should be understood that no plan will be fully successful if pursued from an Internet perspective ONLY.
NetBest Internet Services Ongoing site and marketing support are available as outlined in the Cost Sheet and Price List at the bottom of this proposal. .
NetBest Internet Services NetBest reserves all rights to original graphics, effects and structures used in the design of Internet Sites. Transfer of these rights will be available from NetBest at a nominal cost.
NetBest Internet Services Rates are subject to change

Sample Agreement Turn-Key site with Search Engine and Link Site submission - NetBest will:

NetBest Internet Services    Within 10 days of an agreement (site owner info provided), NetBest will present a functional site for the site owner's review. Pre-publishing adjustments to the site will be made within 2 working days. At a minimum, the site will contain owner provided graphics, logos and trademarks, unique link graphics, an E-mail linked Product Order Form. In total, the site will not exceed ___ (agreed to number) HTML pages.
NetBest Internet Services NetBest will publish the site on the server at
NetBest Internet Services NetBest will submit the site to the major Search Engines. Note that some search engines take 4 to 16 weeks to add a listing and some engines may refuse to list sites outside of their acceptance guidelines.
NetBest Internet Services NetBest will post an introduction of the new site in USENET and, in cooperation with the site owner, will post the introduction in appropriate USENET group(s).
NetBest Internet Services NetBest will include the site in NetBest's "Featured Sites" as well as Coeur d'Alene Web City's business directory pages as it applies.
NetBest Internet Services Minor adjustments can be made to site pages through the 30 day period without charge. These changes include modifications to existing content. Major changes may be made but may involve additional cost to the site owner.
NetBest Internet Services All rights to original art work and/or logos created by the site owner or their agents (excluding NetBest) will be maintained as the sole property of the site owner.
NetBest Internet Services Payment of the amount(s) noted on the attached pricing sheet, will be made; 50% when the agreement is reached and 50% when the site proof is reviewed and accepted. Completion is expected within 10 days of the initial proof.


Cost Sheet and Price List

As Proposed $_________ (design, develop & publish)

Server Space

Web Site Hosting starts at $9.95 per Month

Example: If you select the "Business" account ($34.95/mo.) and the agreement is completed on May 21 - Amount Due for May would be $11.30. The June 'hosting fee of $34.95 would be due on or before June 1.

Additional E-mail Accounts $7.50 one time setup fee.
Setup of second domain ("piggyback") to access primary domain info requires a $75.00 one time setup fee

Note: This is a one time fee to direct a second site to the same space used by the initial Domain.

Hourly Rates for NetBest Services

Web Design Service   $55.00
Graphic Design Service   $55.00
Consulting Service   $55.00
Marketing Assistance   $35.00
Software Assistance   $35.00

Package Rates for NetBest Services

Search/Link Submissions $100.00 (Includes META Keyword and Description plus text review)
Submission Only $60.00

One time fee for transfer of rights to all original Graphics and other effects provided by NetBest in site content (Site License) from NetBest to Site Owner is a approximately $100.00.  Actual amount will depend upon content specifics.
Local training on how to update and maintain the site will be made available at an hourly rate as noted above (Software Assistance).

Phone: 208-667-3566 - Fax: 208-667-3566