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Resources for NetBest's Valued Visitors

General Web Design Archives

Choose NetBestHTML Goodies, an expansive resource with abundant local information on anything that is Web. Nice candid tone.
Choose NetBestComprehensive list of WWW Authoring Information compiled by David W. Baker. Basically, this list is an archive of links to everything - style guides, Perl, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SGML, VRML, Multimedia, Newsgroups, and more.
Choose NetBestThe HTML Writers Guild; An organization of HTML design originators. Membership ranges from beginners to industry professionals, with a helpful, master/apprentice atmosphere.
Choose NetBestWorld Wide Web Consortium (W3C): WWW news, specs and reference software. Archives on all subjects with relevance to Web site design and maintenance, and useful links galore. If you don't find what you need there, they will certainly point you to someone who will have it for you.
Choose NetBestWeb Reference, a site with different sets of links tailored towards Webmasters and Web tourists.

Training and Learning Resource

Choose NetBestGuru99, a feature-rich library of FREE Tech related learning resources.

CGI Scripts, Java & Javascript

Choose NetBestPERL Manual. This web document is a searchable re-organized version of the "perl.1" man page for PERL version 4. Visit to find out what PERL actually stands for.
Choose NetBestCGI Library, gives a handful of examples of CGI scripts with explanations and usage instructions. Also links to the to Web Engineer's Toolbox and Miscellaneous PERL Information.
Choose NetBestMatt's Script Archive - A selection of scripts (PERL and CGI) and links to locations with other scripts available free for download to add to the dynamic of your site.
Choose NetBestIntroduction to JavaScript: a YouTube tutorial that leads you through aspects of JavaScript programming for the beginner.
Choose NetBestThe ECMAScript Standard defines the ECMA scripting language, a standardized version of JavaScript.
Applet Archives

Choose NetBestJAVAWORLD, a monthly digital magazine devoted to Java. Features tutorials as well as editorial columns and resources.
Choose NetBestJavaSoft from Sun Microsystems. This site showcases news on Java developments (both current and impending).
Choose NetBestGamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory. Designated as the "Official Directory for Java" by Sun Microsystems and Javasoft, this site lists an astonishingly exhaustive list of features, applets, and resources (over 4000 in total) for use by Web developers. Literally anything that is Java related can be found there.

Java Programming

Choose NetBestMicrosoft Visual J++, Microsoft's Java production tool.
Choose NetBestSun's Java Developer's Corner: Sun Microsystems' development tools for SPARC, Windows and Macintosh. Products, How To's, Chat
Choose NetBestJava World: IDG's online magazine "for the JAVA community". With news on the industry, reviews of new (and old) applets, and tutorials on Java for both beginners and experts. Each issue examines the most up to date Java technology, and tells you how best to put it to work for you.

Style Guides

Choose NetBestKiller advice on Creating Killer Websites, By David Siegel, author of the book of the same name. With a number of useful design tips and tricks, this site shows you how to turn a good Web page into a great one by tweaking the appearance of your text, the size of your images, and ensuring that the colours you see on your screen are what your readers see on theirs.
Choose NetBestStyle Guide for Online Hypertext by Tim Berners-Lee. Full of advice and tips on those aspects of a site that can be all the difference between a professional, streamlined Web work and a banged-together basement job, and how to ensure that your site seen by all as the former, not the latter.
Choose NetBestWeb Style Manual, now in its second edition from the Center for Advanced Instructional Media, Yale University. Includes sample templates, tutorials on web site style, and plenty of links to other resources. Learn what is essential in a good web site, and what is considered "Design Integrity".
Choose NetBestStyle Sheet Proposals (differentiating between content and format) from the W3C. Packed with useful information on Cascading Style Sheets, their intended effects, and how to maximize their potential on your site.
Choose NetBestNetscape's <FRAMES>. A brief introduction to frames, plus a launch pad to more frames information and a graphical tutorial.
Choose NetBestThe Table Element, a introduction to the table element with all of its attributes. Each attribute is explained with step by step implementation instructions and examples.

Online Magazines

Choose NetBestInteractive Week, with news and info on the newest internet innovations. Presented with a decidedly business oriented tone, and updated once a week.
Choose NetBestWeb Developer, news and tips specifically for website designers, updated frequently.
Choose NetBestWeb Review, a web specific online magazine that will help you keep up with the trends.
Choose NetBestWeb Techniques, with more web-developer specific news, tips, and reviews.
Choose NetBestSearch ZDNet - Ziff Davis' Publications for a listing of many other online magazines.
Choose NetBestSearch CMP Media Inc.'s Websites for another listing of magazines online.
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